I’m Karen and I’m an adventure bee who embraces change and tries to take each moment as a gift. I’m able to use my passion & skills for organizing to clear the clutter, and in turn, help create more gifted moments for others. Life is short, so why not spend our time doing everything we truly love, rather than being bogged down with chaotic disorganization, as well as both mental and physical clutter!

Professionally, I spent fifteen years in many industries, including: Hospitality, Hotel & Restaurant, Weddings, Sales & Marketing, Financial Services, & Retail Management; gaining as much experience and skills necessary to begin my own business. After an injury took me out of the game for a job I enjoyed, I realized life was too short to not do what I love and knew I was meant to do full-time. I took my #1 goal head on in June of 2012 and I haven’t looked back since.

Personally, I was so fortunate to find my better half early in life. Since 2005, we have lived up and down the east coast – wherever the US Navy sends us! My husband, Adrian, is a prior Submariner turned MD with the US Navy. Our travels started in Maine/NH, to VA, SC, NJ, San Diego-CA, to Okinawa, Japan, Coastal NC, and now Chicago, IL. Welcome to our crazy life, oops! I mean journey! In a nutshell, we are an Active Duty Military family. We are strong and resilient because we must be. We move, a lot. We face separation, overwhelm, and change, a lot. We pray our beautiful daughter, Juliana, and our newest addition AJ are stronger because of this military life we live. And we wouldn’t change a thing!

What is truly beautiful about my company is that no matter where our journey takes us, our services can continue helping others. It has become our legacy. From In-person and Virtual Clutter Coaching to our trained on-site Honey Bee Organizing® teams, we are here to serve YOU. Helping others live a life they love without the physical and mental clutter is what we do. So, how can we help?

In early 2013, I had the amazing opportunity to work with fellow professional organizers on the set of TLC’s “Hoarding: Buried Alive”. It was certainly an experience and a thrill to help another couple get on the path to organization and a clutter-free existence. Note: If service needed is to address Hoarding, I can refer you to a specialist as it is not our specialty and we want to provide you with the best service for your needs.

Karen was an organizational miracle!  The ability to completely understand my needs and deliver results far exceeded my expectations. As a start up business, there were significant challenges and deadlines to meet.  Karen was able to create a system that allowed us to become functional immediately – she asks all the right questions and was able to customize a plan for my business. Would highly recommend Karen (Honey Bee) to any small business just getting started, or in need of help down the road, she’ll put the systems needed in place and clear your mind in one full sweep!
Landmark Realty

A trusted friend recommended Karen – I couldn’t be more grateful for the referral. Karen explained her services in a way that I could select and prioritize what I needed. Being put in the situation to move from one house, and live in interim housing until our new home was completed, organizing my belongings was key. Karen was able to pack up a 4 Bedroom Colonial, with a finished basement, while separating my treasured keepsakes, and items I needed to live with for a few months while in transition. I plan to engage her services in the fall when I’m ready to tackle the total unpacking into my amazing new house that will be organized from the start!

The Honey Bee Code

I’m inspired by the uniqueness of solutions and the true love of helping others. Together, they create the space for me to add “more time” in their days, they so desperately need. In the end, my reward is seen on the face of my clients when they are revealed their new organized space, and I can see the invisible weight lift off their shoulders, and witness the sense of peace rush over them like a tidal wave. Seeing this happen, is a gift all its own.

The Goal : Organized Simplicity
It’s my honor to create time and space that allow special moments to last a lifetime. Living in a state of ‘organized simplicity’ can reduce stress and worry on a daily basis. By making this shift, you can begin to see all the possibilities that at one time, seemed impossible. Your enjoyment in life can rise exponentially! Think of all the time you’ll have…….you’re thinking about what you’d do, aren’t you?

Creative vision, style, simple luxury.
These are words that describe my work. I use dimension, personality and space to capture the true essence of every project. When I do, I bring out the qualities that once only lived in chaos, now brought to life for all to enjoy.

I’ve worked in many settings. My experience & personality helps bring out the depth of my projects. I have experience with family homes, realtors, small businesses, and a vast array of other areas and unique projects.

Organization isn’t just my job, it’s my passion. As a Professional Organizer, I will develop new tools and systems that you can achieve on a daily/weekly/monthly basis to begin to change old habits. Thus, creating a new, simplified life while leaving the chaos behind! Please don’t hesitate, your project could take a day, a week, or a month, but the process needs to start now!

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