For those in Okinawa, Japan, please call or iMessage to +81 80-3558-1900

Are you buzzing through life in chaos?

                  Close your eyes.

                                           Take a deep breath.

                                                          Let it out.

It’s time to Bee Smart and live life simply.

  • Are you listing your house? Moving?

  • Have you had Significant Life Changes? Injuries?

  • Do you need to relocate? Downsize?

  • Do you simply need to get your home back in order?

If YES, just keep calm. Life can be hard sometimes, but it doesn’t have to be complicated.  Through our training, compassion, and genuine desire to help others, Honey Bee Organizing™ creates harmony, security, and well-being through systematic organization. Rest assured, with our help, you’ll feel better in no time!

We create an organized way of life so you can get back to what means the most to you. Whether it’s time with family or friends, or simple walks in the park on your day off without a home/office “to-do” list weighing on your mind. We’re here to help get the process started and create a simpler way of life so you can enjoy all the beautiful things life has to offer with a clear mind and a light heart.

With Honey Bee’s help, the possibilities are endless. Let’s work together to get YOU living the life you love!


Old furniture, paint, tools, bins, computers, printers, suitcases, childhood clothing, sweet memorabilia and less desirable college artifacts from our four grown children lingered everywhere in our garage! Scatterbrained and perplexed I just stared and wondered WHERE do I begin? Karen called me an “Empty Nester.” That was my first impression that Karen had professional knowledge in the area of organization because I had already convinced myself that I was a Hoarder! Karen assessed the chaos, came up with a plan, and demonstrated her ability to handle this project from start to finish. She works really hard and yet makes it look so easy. I guarantee that once you see yourself on top of the game, you will be back for her because she is a Pro! Karen’s professional attention to detail helped me accomplish great things with less stress and everything in proper order. I’m looking forward to completing more projects with her. Karen, you Rock!!!

Karen P Korduba | Certified Professional Organizer | Honey Bee Organizing, LLC | 973-352-9564

New Jersey | San Diego, CA | Okinawa, Japan

A Military Spouse Owned and Operated Company

For those in Okinawa, Japan, please call or iMessage to +81 80-3558-1900