Husband asks at 8am breakfast –> “What’s for dinner tonight, babe?”

Wife sarcastically replies, –> “I don’t know, what are you making?”

But seriously, are all men created equal when it comes to their food? I swear dinner is the first thing on my husbands’ mind in the morning before he even makes breakfast! If some of you are thinking that he’s a “chauvinist and the wife has to be in the kitchen,” please don’t. My husband is a wonderful man, who makes breakfast for us EVERY morning! 🙂 Definitely a sharer in the domestic responsibility category!

Ok, back to the topic here…. I simply can’t function in the morning without a cup of coffee first to wake up, and then I have breakfast, get ready for the day, etc. Dinner is always the furthest thing from my mind. Therefore, I created a Master Recipe Binder since I don’t really take cooking to the gourmet level yet, but I have mastered a few meals that I’d like to make weekly to ensure my life is easier after work. Also, the binder has “prep time” typed in there as well so my dear dear husband can get crackin’ on starting dinner if time with my clients go a little later than planned. 🙂

Creating a Master Recipe Binder is a great idea to keep things clean in the kitchen, and also keeps your mind from having to work too much after a hard day on the job!

recipe binder

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